More  Testimonial

To God be the glory great things he had done! Prayer in the ministry, works. My daughter was attacked by a unknown Spirit it was too much for me to deal with I ask for help from the prayer Line for my daughter when I listened to all the prayers that went up to heaven for healing I am thankful God He heard our cry, my daughter is heal she is back to herself going back to School. Thank GOD for loving us!!!

Sister Idalee from New Jersey

I will praise God for providing me the opportunity to meet Pastor Black who had helped me turn my life around in a positive direction and attitude, and who guide me to be a better person, growing in the knowledge and understanding of God my Savior.

It was the birth of a new life for me. The old life was gone and I started on a new journey of enlightenment and understanding.


I left behind a life of partying, use of fowl or indecent language and being ignorant. I learn to love and care for people. I have a new faith in God and I thank him each time For a new day. I trust and believe he will guide me down the path of righteousness. I may not have all I want, but I have all I need. I have Jesus , the Son of God.  My life is not perfect, but my life is good in the name of Jesus!

Derrick from Lansdowne

Since being a part of the BCOC Ministry, I've noticed a deeper more intimate relationship with God. I am given the opportunity to release and share all the spiritual gifts HE imparted. My mornings start off with prayer and it's my spiritual cup of Java that influences the rest of my day. I am grateful to Minister Black who provoke and encourage me to always seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as I grow in Christ Jesus.
Shelly from Delaware.

Thanking God for his grace and his mercies towards me. I am very grateful that I was introduced to Minister Black Ministry along with the other saints in Christ. Since that day my life has not been the same. The different prayer requests and report of victory, brings lots of joy to bless our souls.


Minister Black always gives me a call at the right time even when she don't know what is going on in my life. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire minister Black as she continues to be a blessing to us; and gives her the empowerment to bring the good news to the lost at any cost. Praying and hoping that the Lord will keep Minister Black and the prayer group as we grow from strength to strength.

From Pastor MCLAREN,  Clintondale N.Y


BCOC ministries has helped me with my daily walk with God. But, I saw it do so many more wonders with the homeless and lost people on the streets. I love to evangelize with my mom, Minister Black (the founder of this ministry), and help people surrender themselves to Jesus Christ. Personally, my favorite thing to do is hand out tracks and serve food to the unfortunate. God is truly working through BCOC ministries and I pray that he will keep doing so.
Gabriella from Pennsylvania

Tracey from PA. The ministry and Minister Black has been my life line for the last 10 months. I did spinal cord surgery in April, my whole life fell apart in front of me, I have problems with walking and sitting for a long time, my mother told me about the prayer line and believe me if it has not been for Minister Black and the prayer line I wouldn't be here today, there is so many times I feel like giving up but when I went on the prayer line every morning they give me the faith to go on. The prayer line teach me to take it one day at a time,  it's my church because I still cannot sit for a long time so I looked forward to go on every morning, when I miss it I feels like I miss a lot. Thank God for this ministry.



Minister Black, first let me thank you u & the prayer line for all the support & prayers. I have seem God move in my life & the lives of my family after I have requested prayers from the prayer line. Last year my nephew Matthew was walking the streets, out of his mind & the prayer line family prayed & within a week he got cleaned up got a job & was a changed person, his mother was so grateful. Myself after falling off a ladder & was able to get up & walk I know it's the daily prayers from my prayer line family. May God continue to use u & prosper u as u do His work. Sis. Riccardo FLORIDA

When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for me, my soul cries out hallelujah! As I'm going through a hard period of my life, I thank God for this ministry and the prayer partners. ~ Maria from PA