My name is E.S I live in Florida
The summer of 2014 was a very tough time for my family and I.
Our grand-daughter went home from college to be with her family for the summer, 2 weeks after she got home she started having seizures she had been a very healthy 20 years old, however she ended up in the emergency room and was admitted.  A deadly disease captured her brain and as a result shut her system down.

She was in a coma for 3 months. In my desperation people all over were  praying for her, I called a family friend in Philadelphia, and ask her to pray,  she immediately connected me to this prayerline that she has been a part of. It was such a release to hear them call my grand-daughters name out to the Lord mornings and nights in their prayer, she is now better and went back to college, and I can still hear the prayer line family still praying for her.
I thank God for the prayer line and God's people

"I was eight months pregnant having Severe pain and was crying out to God, I did not know where to turn, I call this ministry and Minister Black prayed for me, thanks be to God, I was delivered in Jesus name. God bless this ministry!" I am Karen from Guadalupe

Before becoming  a part of this ministry, it seemed something was missing from my spiritual walk with God. After meeting Minister Black two weeks ago I can say I found the missing piece. She introduced me to the Prayer Line. I got on the following morning, I can say my soul has been rejoicing since. Glory to God!!!!!


My prayer life has increased and my spiritual life has been uplifted!!! I eagerly look forward in getting up  in the mornings to worship and praise God with fellow Saints, I am not able to see their faces but I can feel their souls being on one accord with my Lord and Saviour. I feel so refreshed and blessed I had to share with an acquaintance, who has also joined in the mornings. I thank God for all the Prayer Line Members and Leaders. Keep working for the Lord in a mighty way. God Bless you all!!! Much love: Andrea from Philadelphia.

To God be the glory! This Ministry helped me with medical expenses, also my daughter was in need and the Prayerline families prayed and God provided. Amen!!! Sophia from Ny

"Thank to this ministry! My granddaughter at 3 months old had cancer on one of her kidney, I called this ministry and request prayer for healing. The surgery was done and God touched her body! Glory halleluiah!" Carol from Jamaicas

A year ago I was introduced to Minister Black ministry. During that time I was sick for 3 months , struggling with a severe spine injury I suffered while on the job. I was on the list for surgery pending my decision to do it. I came on the prayer line and I requested prayer.


My lovely prayer line family came in agreement and prayed with me,  by then I had a third opinion with a surgeon two weeks later. One morning while on the prayer line I heeded the voice of one crying in the wilderness , I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior,  I got baptized  weeks later.  I'm living in God's favor, I'm happy I'm free.... The surgery was cancelled thank God.Mavelett from NY


I have been with this Ministry for a year and have experience the move of God several times, but for this specific morning I will never forget how sad I was coming on the prayer line after hearing from my Doctor that my kidneys were not looking good, that morning I told my prayer line family and they prayed. The glory of the Lord came down and at that moment I knew I was healed.Two days later I went back to my Doctor, he was stunned, he put it like this, it seems there was a mix-up with your blood work. I thank God for this ministry and my prayer line family. Revelation 12: 11(KJV) we overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. I pray if you are reading this testimony you will take courage in knowing that God will take care of you, just believe, There is nothing impossible for our God . To God be the Glory.

Reverend McNish

"My name is Mary and I live in Atlanta Georgia and this is my testimony of how I became saved on the prayer line...... As a child I knew God existed and I loved him. But in my adult life, with two adult children I knew something was lacking for a long time, I was having trouble and difficulty with my children, my husband and everything was falling apart.My friend told me about this ministry. I began to call the prayer line and started listening to all the wonderful sermons and prayers from Pastor Black and members.


I became renewed and began to have more faith in what the Lord wanted. One day suddenly something happened to me; I was hurt, stricken with grief, pain and shock. I knew then something had to be done. With nowhere to turn I remembered I had a family. I immediately called Pastor Sandra Black and told her about this devastating thing that had happened to me. With a loving and kind voice she ministered to me and after praying with me I knew I had to surrender to Christ, the true and living God. On that very day I accepted Christ. Today I am baptized. I know and truly understand his deep love for his children. Everyday my walk with the Lord has taken me to Amazing things. I Can Now understand why his burdens are light."



Three years ago my son, Stephen, started having Epilepsy seizures. Desperately seeking help for him, I contacted the BCOC ministry for prayer. I can truly say PRAYER WORKS. After a few months Stephen was healed. Praise God, my faith has increased. Thank you BCOC ministry!        ~ George from Jamaica 

Praise the Lord, this prayer line has been a blessing to me and my family! I am encouraged and motivated by Minister Black. This ministry is involved in many outreaches. I'm blessed to be apart of it. I'm happy to fellowship with my brethren every morning. I thank God for this ministry because multiple people have come to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

~Rosiann from Pennsylvania