Minister Sandra Black

I simply love God and have a passion for His people. My intimate relationship with Christ has changed my life completely. Honestly, I can truly say that I discovered me through Him. As a result, I am driven to do his work by demonstrating his love to others.


It is my sincere desire to reach lost souls for the Kingdom.  In light of this, I am eager to learn so I can teach, and I am driven to fulfill my purpose in God. I am committed to the process, and though it has not always been easy, with God it has been worth it. My father has taken me from a long way, and I strive to honor him through serving His people.

Minister Sandra Black
Minister Sandra Black


A Reflection From Her Daughter....... Gabriella

I love my mom, she is a virtuous person, she taught me good morals, and she is loving. She is also very social, she would  see a random person on the street and start a conversation with them. My mom is selfless and caring, meaning that she puts others before herself. She's always helping someone even when she needs help.  My mom leads by example, a woman of faith and strength, and someday I want to be just like her.

A Friend's Reflection  ..... Mary

“Sandra is known to be very thoughtful, giving, supportive, and kind.” “She is powerful in prayer and firm in her belief, very articulate.” “There is no doubt that she loves the Lord, believes in her purpose, and is deliberate in whatever she goes after.” “Minister Black lights up when it comes to God’s word!”

Minister Sandra Black is a woman of God, who loves the LORD and who is determined to see souls saved for the LORD. She came from very humble beginning, but she rose above her circumstances to declare the works of the LORD.


Minister Black is determined to gain souls for the LORD, and for the past twenty-five years she has dedicated her life to street ministry. Moreover, she has extended herself to helping others in ministry.